Our team of Artists



Melinda Guerin White

  As a graduate of NEOMA Business School, Melinda has had the opportunity to work at Nestlé Waters, Danone, Caraïbos and La Martiniquaise. From these experiences, she has developed a network and expertise in the world of CHR. To WMSignature, Melinda brings her marketing expertise, her strategical and conceptual vision and her knowledge of CHR. She has the unique ability to link the customer experience, market trends and development/renewal needs of her customers/partners.   


Matthias Giroud & Melinda Guérin White



Matthias Giroud

  World renowned in the sector of mixology, Matthias started his carreer in 1998 at Bar FlyParis and made his way until he became Bar chef at Bound, Buddha Bar, Barrio Latino, and Barlotti Paris . He has overseen global development of bars for the George V eatentertainment Group since 2008 (including Buddha Bar). He thus launched over 10 brands and implemented different concepts in 30 countries around the world. Mattias has infused his cocktails and mocktails with his creativity and in-depth vision of trends & flavours of the world. He always creates new flavours and new techniques, making each experience as unique as a work of art.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

An international collective in our image and varied mixologists, barista and chefs, DJ, designer, R&D. A team of experts that can deal with F&B issues in 360 °