Melinda Guerin White

From French-Australian descent, Melinda has always had a soft spot for traveling and discovering foreign cultures. Graduate of the class of 2005 at NEOMA Business School, she specialised in marketing and international distribution. Melinda started her career in the agro-food industry by working in marketing for the European branches of Nestlé water, then subsequently Danone. She then moved on to Georgia Pacific with the brands Demak’up and Lotus Baby, still in the European Marketing departments.
In 2008, she joined the groupe La Martiniquaise (Rhums Saint James/Dillon/Bally/Negrita, Tequila José Cuervo, Porto Cruz, Vodka Poliakov, Whisky Label 5, etc.) and took part in the creation of the out of home structure.
She held the position of Marketing manager, in charge of developing trade tools and activation and animation of the CHR network. She later became chief of Category management for all of CHR. With her team, she managed the customer scope for Cash & Carry (Metro, Promocash, C10, France Boissons, Distriboissons) and Key accounts (Accor, Disneyland Paris, George V, Agape Restauration, Groupe Lucien Barrière Memphis…). Her expertise mainly covers suppliers’ promotional offers to retailers, assisting key accounts (analysis and establishment of products, creation, incentives), budget management, newspapers, magazines, market overviews, creation of the “drink strategy & perfect serve” and supervision of the product launch on the CHR network.
In 2015, she creates the first cocktail and soft cocktail contest, the double MICS award winner in the “Bar contest category” at the Monaco Infosbar Awards, “The Bartenders Society”, on behalf of La Martiniquaise. In 2018, the contest has expanded and regroups 12 countries and is still organised by WMSignature.
Curious, highly product sensitivity and with a strong will to act, Melinda co-founded
WMSignature in 2016 with Matthias Giroud, bringing with her her marketing and commercial
expertise, her strategical & conceptual vision and her knowledge of trend and of the CHR market.
Her network, her knowledge of large companies but also of smaller ones that that animate CHR make her experience unique in this sector.