Matthias Giroud

Born on the beaches of the French West Indies, Matthias followed his expatriate parents and
developed a big appetite for travel and an openness to the world.
He started his career at Bar Fly Paris and made his way until he became Bar chef at Bound, Buddha
Bar, Barrio Latino and Barlotti Paris.
In 2008 he wanted to largen his scope to an international level and took the mantle of chief of global
development of bars for George V eatentertainment Group. There, he launched over 10 brands and
many different concepts all over the world: New York, Moscow, Las Vegas, Sao Paolo, Mexico,
London, Monaco, Dubai, Cairo, Kiev, Budapest, Prague, Beirut, Saint Petersburg, Geneva,
Amsterdam, Dakar, Kaliningrad, Bahrein, Mykonos, Baku, Abu Dhabi, Tbilisi, New Delhi, Manilla,
Marrakech, Caracas …
These various experiences forged his knowledge of trends & flavours of the world and he strives to
tie this in when he creates cocktails and mocktails. He never stops developing new flavours and new
techniques while working with his different teams around the world. Non alcoholic cocktails are a
major focus for his creations, and he strives to make each experience unique. More than cocktails,
he wants to create real experiences, memories for his customers.
Matthias likes to share his passion, something that earned him the privilege to co-sign the cocktail
dictionary “la petite bibliothèque des cocktails Larousse” and to attend various events with a larger
focus on cuisine where he draws a large part of his imagination from: The closing of the World
Cuisine Summit 2015 along with chef Alain Ducasse, a cocktail painting inspired by 3 dishes from 3
chefs (Alain Ducasse, Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon) or even Mistura QARAY 2015 (the largest
culinary even of South America that takes place in Lima, Peru).
In 2016, after travelling the world for 8 years, settling in Dubai and remaining as worldwide chief
executive for George V, he co-founded WMSignature with Melinda Guérin-White, a strategy and

operational management consulting agency in Food & Beverages. He surrounded himself with a
team of Bar chefs, Baristas, Chefs and Djs to allow WMS to cater to the needs of their clients whilst
preserving the core objective of creating unique experiences and tailor-made concepts.