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WMSignature is born of a common passion for innovation around taste and how to consume in the Beverage & Food universe. The desire to provide consumers with a unique and artistic consumer experience that enhances products, brands and places.

Every moment of “tasting” whether it be “on the go”, at home or in a place of life, whether solo or convivial must be a surprising sensory discovery and source of pleasure.

Think out of the box !



The Food & Beverage industry is going through a period of mutation. Consumers (especially
millennials) are always looking for new tastes and experiences, and thus, have turned this world
their playground. These “Early adopters” are concerned about the quality, the authenticity of products and exclusivity of mixes. They are the ones who drive this profound change in the F&B market by launching trends on social networks and democratizing them with their followers #foodart #cocktailsart #drinks.
Today CHR is a privileged path to this change, it is a path which products and means of consumption
use to target a larger customer base.


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The HORECA circuit has become the prime mean of democratisation of these trends. Whilst an increasingly high number of outlets offer cocktails, the hotel industry has moved towards becoming places of life where bars occupy a central spot.

Walls have fallen and have given way to open spaces, bar and kitchen have intertwined by cooperating closely to fit their new roles whilst blending in perfectly with other spaces. Creating a streamlined yet unique customer experience is vital.

Successful outlets are those that have managed to create their own niche, their own signature. Thus, developing a compelling F&B offering with a recognizable signature is key to attracting customers to these new spaces. They must introduce unique and value inducting offerings for their establishment.

Solid and liquid cuisines are more than ever complimentary arts. WM.SIGNATURE strives to create tailor made experiences where these two worlds collide to sublimate each other.

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Our values: Bar and kitchen chefs must work together towards a common goal: Excellence, flavours, creativity and with the will to create the trends of tomorrow. Innovation is a pillar of our know-how: We are always searching for new products, flavours, techniques, procedures to reinvent and create new drinks and offer a complete experience for customers. We pride ourselves in following the industrialists that take part in this change and that put innovation and excellence at the heart of the strategies to evolve their offerings towards new flavours that are adapted to these new places and ways of consumption.
Our signature: a complimentary duo that feed off common values and goals, curiosity and renewed audaciousness.

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